Run Communications

Specializes in telecom distribution and sourcing. With technology causing changes, mergers, downsizing and branch closings ,many companies find difficulties in finding applications, unloading overstock or consolidating on a standardized platform. Run communications can do all of this for our clients. With access to over six thousand telecom buyers worldwide, Run Communications can assist you in getting true market value for your excess equipment. We will buy your hardware outright or provide you with brokering services. Your transaction is customized to best suit your needs.

With the increased pressure to make your communications dollar go further, Run communications can source telecom products from our vast supplier list of authorized VARS and other re-sellers worldwide. We are often able to beat pre-existing volume discounts which our customers are currently receiving. Run communications will get you more for your communications dollar.

So, whether you are shopping, buying, or selling, try us today.

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